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Cancer on the Ascendant

Alt Text For those people with Cancer rising, great satisfaction can be gained from caring for and cherishing others. Sometimes this instinct is so strong that the world outside the Cancerians' immediate and cozy circle can be viewed as a threat. Even so, the attitude is protective, not possessive. Cancer is a cardinal sign, the keyword for which is "outgoing". This suggests a conflict, but that is not necessarily so. Cancerians' give out an enormous amount of energy and vitality to those in their immediate circle. These people need to live within or create a family environment otherwise their powerful caring motivations will be expressed towards an ideal, a burning interest, often personalized in a real sense of vocation. People with Cancer rising will be fascinated to explore their own personalities, but if they enter psychotherapy they should remain aware of their self-defense systems, otherwise they may too readily accept the suggestions of the analyst. Particular ambition is shown for their partners, maybe even to the extent of social climbing on their behalf. Any planets in the first house of the birth chart, especially if conjunct the Ascendant, will have a profound effect on the personality.

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