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Cancer Sun Sign - personality traits

RULING PLANET - The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon
COLOR - Silver and gray
METAL - Silver
TRIPLICITY OR ELEMENT - Cancer is a water sign
FLOWERS - White flowers, especially white roses, Water lily and lily

The can be emotionally immature and be clinging in relationships, unable to let go. The need to protect the self and the family from threat is one of the chief Cancerian characteristics. In an argument a Cancerian has a remarkable self-defense system that springs into action with a snappy response.

They can be a bit melodramatic but their usual kind and caring nature can compensate for this trait. Ruled by the Moon they can be loving, nurturing types and once they have a family of their own, become generally nice people. But like the planet that rules them, Cancerians' are easily influenced and affected by other energies around them.

Aspects to the Sun from other planets will influence the basic Cancerian expression. The mother plays an important role in the life of these folks, one way or another. The imagination is strong and vivid, but emotion and imagination combined, if not carefully governed, can result in almost continual worry, especially over loved ones.

A sense of logic must be developed, to work in conjunction with the natural intuition. The Cancerian mind is at its best when allowed to work instinctively, and this should be most useful when making decisions. Even if there are problems, their natural tenacity and bravery in the face of difficulties will see these people through. The worst Cancerian fault is moodiness: one moment they are on top of the world, the next they are in a deep depression.

Old Astrologer Woodcut Illustration
Cancerian individuals tend to be emotional and loving. The family or clan is very important and the family history and tradition is a strong interest for them. They are Protective and sympathetic to others and have intuitive ability and a lot of imagination. They can be Shrewd and cautious in financial matters changeable, moody and overemotional at times.
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