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Cancer Sun Sign - Career

RULING PLANET - The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon
COLOR - Silver and gray
METAL - Silver
TRIPLICITY OR ELEMENT - Cancer is a water sign
FLOWERS - White flowers, especially white roses, Water lily and lily

The typical Cancerian tenacity and determination is perhaps the greatest asset of these people. In many ways they enjoy variety and change, but their careers must also have continuity. They can then take advantage of past experience and apply it to the present.

Cancerians' are usually extremely shrewd, and this sign often confers an excellent business sense. The caring professions including teaching career, particularly of young children are popular careers as are nursing and gynecology. It is also good for them to develop and express their vivid imaginations. Any career involving the past, such as the antiques business or museum work will appeal to them. Cancerians' are also natural cooks. Fulfillment is more important to them than ambition, but they are keen to make money, and sometimes the Cancerian hoarding instinct can mean they are reluctant to part with it.

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