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Cancer - Change, leisure & retirement

Alt Text Cancerians' are very susceptible to mood changes, but these people are much less ready to change their lifestyles as they like to feel secure and don't like the disruption involved. Nevertheless, when faced with the prospect of retirement they will consider moving to another area, but should think carefully about this as they will be depressed if parted from their family for too long and if they buy a smaller property it may not be large enough for everyone to come and stay. Retirement will allow them to enjoy a new rhythm of life, and they will enjoy following their many spare-time interests, which may include a specialized collection of some kind. Losing a job is hard to accept for a Cancerian. Their determination to find a new job should be supported to the hilt, so that the effort eclipses the worry of being out of work, which can destroy their self-confidence in the long term.

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