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Sun Sign Cancer in a Family

RULING PLANET - The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon
COLOR - Silver and gray
METAL - Silver
TRIPLICITY OR ELEMENT - Cancer is a water sign
FLOWERS - White flowers, especially white roses, Water lily and lily

Sensitivity will be apparent very early in life; even Cancerian babies are remarkably intuitive. Changes in the home environment will immediately affect the personal mood - and baby Cancer will be all smiles one moment and all tears the next. As young Cancerians' grow up they will develop a strong memory, sometimes they will seem to know more about the past than the present.

They can be picky eaters, as food is extremely important to these people. The Cancerian digestion does tend to be sensitive, but giving way to food fads can lead to problems later on. It is also important that parents encourage young Cancerians' to be tidy! The sign is notorious for untidiness and hoarding; there will be a battle whenever the toy chest is sorted out and even rubbish will be deemed to have great sentimental value. Cancerian children can be shy and wary when they first go to school. It is from this age that their instinctive, protective and defensive shells begin to develop, supporting the bravery and tenacity with which they can move forward in life. The need for parenthood is instinctive and strong. Cancerians' adore their children and, if anything, tend to cosset them, becoming over concerned and worried at the slightest provocation. The security of the home and family unit is vital to them, and when their children leave home these parents probably suffer more than most.


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