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Cancer progressed into Leo

RULING PLANET - The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon
COLOR - Silver and gray
METAL - Silver
TRIPLICITY OR ELEMENT - Cancer is a water sign
FLOWERS - White flowers, especially white roses, Water lily and lily

More pride will also be taken in the appearance, with greater attention to detail. Self-confidence should increase, partly because the value of the subject's past experience will be recognized, and opinions will be expressed with greater confidence.

A new tendency to be bossy can create problems, especially within the family. Any interest in collecting should not be allowed to become obsessive, while a new interest in collecting more valuable and interesting objects should be carefully geared to the financial position.

When a Cancerian Ascendant becomes Leonine, the basic motivation to cherish will be blended with a strongly creative instinct.

Cancer is the sign of motherhood and Leo the sign of fatherhood, so interest in beginning a family may be piqued at this time. Newfound creativity may be manifested through the development and full expression of artistic potential.

Leo's influence will strengthen organizational ability, so these people's lives may take on a more coherent air. As with the progressed Sun sign, there will be additional self-confidence, and the powerful Cancerian emotional level will be heightened by the fiery, passionate emotion of Leo. These people will also be less easily hurt, and less ready to hurt others.

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When the Cancerian Sun progresses into Leo, the individual will reap the benefit of positive, extrovert leonine traits.

It will be easier to have an optimistic and outgoing outlook, helping to mitigate Cancerian worry and apprehension.

Money will be spent more freely, even if the financial situation has not changed and more pleasure will be gained from buying the occasional luxury.
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