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CANCER BIRTHDAY - Free Astrology Report and Forecast for Cancer Birthdays


You are much more nostalgic than usual, around your birthday. Try to treat people with more compassion will likely prove successful.

This time presents warm-heartedness to you this month that makes you very attractive. You are likely to reach out to a loved one (or one who you would like to love) and may attract a new love interest. Avoid being extravagant or indulgent.Your communication channels open bringing fluency in communication and sharpen your intellect at the moment. You will be curious and talkative today, adept at problem solving and conversation.

Currently you are on an energy line that enhances your creative intellect and communication skills. You may feel renewed interest in art, literature and nature. Your eloquence today will enhance your influence over others.It is a time when you are facing dramatic changes in your life while still clinging onto past memories. It is an extremely positive aspect conferring a lofty perspective and an inner strength that prepares you for the next stage of your evolution. Faith and love will steer you through this period.

Energies create difficult times at work, with the raising of obstacles or perhaps even the complete collapse of a project started with great expectations. Perseverance is crucial during this (fortunately) short transit.

Your heart creates problems, romantic feelings may surface among you and a co-worker or, emotional problems at home may seriously interfere with your career. Concentrate on the job at hand first. You’ll figure out what’s most important to you in your life.

Difficult energy ahead indicates a time period when you may have many troubles with home life, especially disagreement with parents or children. During this period, additional responsibilities may be placed on you in the context of the home setting.

Also, you should open up to relatives since it's a good time for emotional support.

This may mark a time when it's best to remain alone unless you truly desire the company of friends. Be careful not to be too ill disposed around loved ones.

The calendar marks a purpose with a friend or loved anxiety that can be quite paralyzing.

You impart deep feelings and sympathies for others today. You may go out of your way to actually understand what's bothering a friend or relative. This is also a great time just to get to know a social contact better.

This is a time that, spiritual concerns dominate life. There is a great desire to help your fellow man at a time when you may be at cross with one. Try to relax now since this transit empowers you to come to the emotional or physical aid friend or relative.

Sorry, there is no relevant astrological data at this time.

You have increased energy for work or play now. The power of your ego is strong at this time, and romance should be put on hold.

You are full of increased personal magnetism that makes it both a good time for business dealings and initiating contacts with members of the opposite sex. Flirt on!

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CANCER BIRTHDAY - Free Astrology Report and Forecast for Cancer Birthdays

Great new energy flows into your ego and body. Transforming every breath you take.

Physical exercise (like sports) is a good outlet for it. A good workout will enable you to overcome the petulance, irritability and restlessness that this transit brings.

The time clock heralds a major transition time in your life, one that is usually quite beneficial. You attract many opportunities right now, but you must choose which to chase.

Faith in "you" is the key.

A strange period in your life begins, in which you may be seduced by radical ideas or alternate realities.

Follow the beat of a new drummer only if your heart and spirit agrees it is the right thing to do.

You are acutely aware of the colossal forces of nature and time that heralds the end of an era of human existence. These "opening of the eyes" energies are sweeping your generation away. But take heart that what is good and just from your generation will be preserved.

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